SJFCC vs Generics – The One With The Trophy

The One With The Trophy
2007-08-16. Won by (about) 42 runs By Matt King

SJFCC vs Generics

The Mighty Fishers: 149 for 5 from 20 overs, Generics: 107 (+byes) for 8 from 20 overs. 

So, as surely as spring turns straight to autumn, the Fishersí weekday season ended with a re-arranged fixture at Old Owens in Potters Bar. This was fixture number ‘sweet sixteen’ in a pretty successful season.

Dawko and Julian ‘The Janitor’ Tatlock opened for Fishers. They made a steady start and Julian scored a useful 11 in his first innings for Fishers before being bowled in the fifth over. Dawko, a man in form, was joined at the crease by Big Malc, a man infirm. Dawko, having scored 34 not out and 64 in his last two innings and still failed to win man of the match on either occasion, must have been so pleased to see The Malcinator accelerate past him (score-wise, not literally, you understand) to retire on 31. An innings of some note; fifteen balls, two 6s, three 4s and only three non-scoring balls faced. A joy to watch, no doubt especially from the non-strikersí end.

Matt was out for a duck and the Watson Twins went cheaply in quick succession. Dawko reached retirement (also on 31) from 207 balls in 189 minutes. Bungle hit a nifty 17 not out and Anil was out for 17, including a textbook walk three paces outside off stump and whack it to the boundaryí shot. The last time something so wide was hit so firmly it was 1982 and the headline in The Sun the next day was ‘Gotcha!’

As Fishers took to the field all thoughts were on who could put on the best display to edge ahead for the man of the match honours. The highest contributor to our score had been Extras (33), but we didnít rate his chances with the ball.

Dave opened and took a wicket with his third ball when the no.2 was caught sharply by Sandy in the slips. It was like watching proper cricket. Dave was so fired up that if there had been a crowd there, no doubt a cry of ëCome on The Incineratorí would have echoed around the ground. Dave got a second wicket when Dawko took a clean catch behind the stumps.

Anil opened at the other end, as is generally the way in cricket. Had Anil got four wickets and there been a crowd, no doubt a cry of ëCome on The Annihilatorí would have rung around the ground. He didnít. There wasnít.

Bungle and Bob were next up, taking a wicket apiece. Bungle disturbed the stumps and Matt caught a skied one off Bob on the square leg boundary. Matt in turn got a scalp when Ross took an excellent one-handed catch on the turn at mid-off to a ball that was looping over his head.

Sandsy, Andrew and Ross bowled in the quickly fading light and it was necessary to call out to inform the fielders if the ball was heading their way. Malc bowled an excellent over and could have taken six wickets. Some would say it was a man-of-the-match-winning over; it was just a shame that arch-rival Dawko behind the stumps dropped three catches and missed three stumpings off Malcís bowling to reduce Malcís MoM chances.

The Janitorí came on to bowl the last over. Suitably attired in camouflage green jumper in the (less than ) half light, Julian took three wickets. The first was bowled and the next two well caught and smartly stumped respectively by Dawko in a sudden and dramatic return to form to help Julian ëclean up at the endí (!).


It was a good performance by Fishers. The catches made all the difference with good ones being held by Sandsy, Matt, Dawko and, especially, Ross. We were even awarded a trophy by the oppoÖ..if only we had a cabinet to put it inÖÖor a clubhouse for that matterÖÖ

Mid-week 2007 season fixtures: played 16, won 13, lost 3.

Man of the Match: For 31 runs, two good catches and a smart stumping.Dawko.

Quote Of The Day:

Anil (on watching his opening partner and the three subsequent bowlers all take a wicket) -ìIím the only **** here who hasnít got a wicketî

Matt – ‘Those last five words were superfluous.’