SJFCC vs STAGS – The One With No Scorecard

The One With No Scorecard
07-07-12. Won……….. By Matt King


The Mighty Fishers won by either a) more runs b) having wickets in hand or c) an act of God

Right, this might be a bit tricky. See, the thing is, in-between our original scorebook being stolen, the new one coming ëon streamí and various other factors (like having no scorebook at this match), the scorecard for this fixture has fallen down the cracks, so to speak.


Iím just the messenger, but please feel free to blame me entirely.

Iíve got a few scribbled notes from the day, but they focus on matters of miscellaneous irrelevance and donít include any of the salient points, such as who actually played, the score, who batted first etc etc.

If you press the red button now, youíll get the interactive version of this reportÖÖÖtogether we can rebuild it.


It was 12th of July, a Thursday.

The match was played at Wheato, basically on a bit of outfield near the woods that had had an extra low cut.

John King was on time.

One team batted first and the other fielded.


The multi-choice bit:

1. Anil was late because he forgot:

a) his shoes

b) his directions to Greenwood Park

c) his lucky Bob Willis finger puppet


2. King The Elder was in:

a) form

b) firm

c) pyjamas


3. Dave hit:

a) the umpire

b) some big 6s

c) the nail on the head


4) Bungle was caught out for:

a) a golden duck

b) a golden duck

c) a golden duck


5) On returning to the pavilion, Bungle commented:

a) ìAt least I hit itî

b) ìAm I batting nextî

c) ìAt least I played myself inî


6) Dawko, in four balls, missed:

a) three stumpings

b) five catches

c) both


7) Bungleís ballet-like fielding on chasing a ball to the pavilion and turning to throw in one swift (ëish) movement was akin to:

a) something from Swan Lake

b) some kind of sponge cake

c) some over-cooked hake


Thatís the serious, factual bit out of the way.


If you have any memories whatsoever of the game, then post them here. This is the cricketing equivalent to the ëhonesty boxí. I, for one, know I scored two runs before being bowled. I know I didnít bowl, so it must have been one of those games where the limit was three or more overs per bowler. It was one of my better games.

If it helps to jog anyoneís memory, this fixture was the week after the one in Verulum Park against Garden Fields (on the same night as St Michaelís Folk Festival) and it was during the first week of the Tour de France.


We are considering holding a reconstruction of this fixture to aid investigations. The part of ëDaveí will be played by Jimmy Kranky, Dawko will be played by Ronald McDonald, Bungle by Geoffrey, Anil by Michael Flatley and Chris by Brad PittÖÖÖÖ..sorry, that should read Cess.


Man of the Match: We barely know the result, let alone who contributed anything of note.

Quote Of The Day: (See 5a above)