SJFCC vs CRABTREE – The One Where Bungle Got A Run

The One Where Bungle Got A Run
2007-07-17. Won by (about) 25 runs By Matt King


The Mighty Fishers: 128 for 3 from 20 overs, Crabtree: c. 103 for 7’ish from 20 overs.

The two teams last met in early June and Harris is still away doing his open-top bus tour of the minor county grounds celebrating his phantom fifer.

In blustery conditions at Rothampstead Fishers batted first. Matt was out first ball in the opening over and Malcolm departed two balls later. With a poorer than poor start, in what we knew would be a tight game, we needed someone reliable to steady the ship and give us a solid foundation to build upon. Step forth the in-form man..Bungle.

A great cheer went up when he survived a ball. Then it was like watching a born-again-Bungle as he cut and thrust (well, more ëthrustí than ëcutí, although he did somehow ‘cut’ a ball back past the bowler. This was ënew, improvedí Bungle, ënow with added classí (well there was at least one recognisable cricket stroke). He did us proud as he confidently reached retirement and left the field to rapturous applause from his team-mates and promptly phoned everyone in his mobile phone address book to tell them the good news. So, after two short calls, he was back to watch Dawko and Bob form a steady partnership. Dawko played his way to retirement and Bob was out to a good catch at mid-on.

I donít have the scorebook, so apologies if some of the stats are a bit vague.

Reevo and Dave formed the final partnership and put on a real acceleration in the last five overs. I donít know what Dave got, but Reevo was 34 not out at the end of the innings. He went to the crease with the intention of throwing the bat and fulfilled that objective in more ways than one. Attempting to hoik an early delivery to cow corner he played a powerful, committed stroke. It was perfect in every way except for two, small details. One, he didnít connect with the ball and two, he let go of the bat on the follow through (and Reevo has quite a follow through). The bat flew through the air and came close to decapitating the square-leg umpire.

Bob and King The Elder opened the attack for Fishers. They bowled well, but no breakthrough was forthcoming. Next up Dave and Chris. For some reason Dave just seemed to have that extra bit of pace as though something had irritated him and spurred him further. Whatever it was, we must have all missed it. Chris took a leaf out of Daveís book and opened up with his slower ball. As to what happened to this delivery, we donít quite know. At the time of going to press it was still on its trajectory towards the batsman. Estimated time of arrival is 15.17hrs today.

Ethan bowled some good spin and Bungle got some good swing into the wind. Not having the scorebook to hand I donít know what the exact sequence of the next bit was, but suffice to say it was good stuff all round. We were bowling and fielding well (err, well, one or two early mistakes aside), but their openers had both progressed to retirement and the oppo were on the run rate up until the 12th over.

Bungle trumped and brought on Sandsy and Big Malc to bowl and boy, did they do the business. A wicket maiden each and, four overs later, we had the upper hand for the first time. Two great catches in quick succession by Bob and Chris made all the difference. Bob juggled his once, so Chris thought heíd go one better and go for a double juggle. Neither were the cleanest of catches, but both were well hit, caught close and the kind of ones we usually drop. Rumour has it Chris only got his as it was moving too quick for him to get out of the way.

To continue a trend, at some point during the innings Dawko got hit in the face. Letís just hope next time it isnít off Chrisí long run. To be fair, Dawko did learn from last week and brought his helmet onto the pitch to use behind the stumps. Next week he may even wear it.

Reevo and Matt bowled the closing overs. Malc took a tidy catch at slip and Matt dislodged the bails in the last over.

It was a good performance all round by Fishers. Some strong batting, a really good bowling display and tidy fielding by all.

A hearty serving of sausages, chips and sarnies rounded things of nicely at The Skew Bridge afterwards.

Man of the Match: For two tidy overs under pressure at the end of the innings and a stonking 34 not out ñ Reevo.

Quote Of The Day: A selection..

1) Dave, ìOh, yes I do agree, Mr Umpire, you are quite within your rights to call that ball a wide. I shall endevour to bowl more accurately in future. I do thank you for bringing this matter to my attention so promptly.î

2) Chris (on taking over the scoring from Reevo), ìYou can tell heís a maths teacher, heís used the pye symbol instead of a double ëtí. Hmmm, he should have used the pie symbol for Bungle.î


3) Bungle (in a show of captain-like encouragement and support to King The Younger before he bowled the final over), ìRemember, you can only lose it for us from here.î