The One With The Fifer

2007-06-07. Won By 9 Wickets 

By Matt King


Crabtree: 98 for 9 from 20 overs, The Mighty Fishers: 101 for 1 from 16.3 overs. 

It was a bowler’s wicket. Actually, more specifically, it was Andy Harris’s wicket. It just goes to show that sleeping with the groundsman does pay dividends in the end. 

Fisher’s bowling was pretty reasonable all round today. (Well, apart from the person who got smacked for 21 off two overs, but Chris asked me not to draw attention to that.) If it was mostly ‘reasonable’, then a rare Thursday appearance by Walmsleyeyey turned in a ‘very good’ display of 4-1 and, on that basis, Harris’ 6-5 was probably best defined as ‘above average’. 

Basically, they had three players who got all the runs (two of whom were ‘not out’ at the end). Walmsley, Kings The Elder and Younger and Boxer got a wicket apiece and everyone else was clean bowled by Harris. 

Andy was on-fire tonight. So much so that he has been signed up for a role as a parking attendant at Glasgow Airport. 

The last person (I think) to get a mid-week hat-trick for Fishers was James Rosson. If Andy keeps his nose (and other parts of his body too) clean he could well play a big role in the Colt’s dressing room for many years to come. 

And so to bat. Having taken extensive private coaching from Bungle, Malc opened and was out for a duck. Bungle made the best impact on his batting figures all season by not batting at all. 

Walmsleyey (26) and Adam (25) both retired, Andrew C (27) carried his bat and King The Elder was not out for 16. This strong batting performance saw us to the target with three and a half overs to spare. 

The was some concern in the pub afterwards when we couldn’t get the number of wickets to tally and came to the conclusion that the oppo either had 12 batsmen or Andy hadn’t really got a fifer. Anyway, as we said, the scorecard doesn’t lie………….and I’d like to thanks Andy H for completing the on-line scorecard so promptly. 

Man of the Match: On any other day it would have been Walmsleyey for a nifty c&b and 26 not out. Seeing as Harris bought the drinks afterwards and thereby publicly staked his claim to five wickets (and we don’t see many five wicket hauls in two over spells…. or hat-tricks) the MoM deservedly went to Andy H. 

Quote Of The Day:

Chris, “No, because if those four all got one each and one was run out, you can’t have got five.” 

Andy H, “Yeh, but no, but yeh, but no……….”