SJFCC vs Homewood Rd

SJFCC vs Homewood Rd
2004-06-15. Win By Dave Boxer

Very belated match report – again. Apologies once again, but what can I say, I’m on holiday and frankly I couldn’t be @rsed this morning (or afternoon, or early evening for that matter!)

Right, I’m going to keep this one fairly brief, so apologies if anyone feels that thier efforts have gone unmentioned.

Result: Homewood Rd: 82 for 6 from 20 overs. Fishers: 83 for 7 from 16 overs.

Homewood batted first and began well, reaching 30-odd without loss from the first 5 or 6 overs. Gursh got the breakthrough thanks to a fairy-like catch from Ant, who shall henceforth be referred to as ‘Campman’. Bungle, on his return from the wilderness, bowled out of his skin, finishing with figures of 2 overs, 1 maiden, 1 for 5. His wicket came courtesy of a lovely ball down the old ‘corridor of uncertainty’ which found the edge and before he knew it, the ball had landed in Phil’s gloves before he had a chance to dive out of the way! Campman Granty then took a wicket, even managing to get a bit of turn, and a lovely spell of bowling from young James Rossen ended with the thoroughly deserved wicket of Ben Griffiths, who tried unsuccessfully to tw@t him into cow corner.


I bowled 11 crap deliveries before finally getting one on the stumps with my last ball – a very fine leg stump yorker if I do say so myself – and Neil completed the wicket-taking with a suspect-looking LBW decision – if I had been bowling, it would have been ‘just missing leg’! Quick mention for the fielding as well – v.impressive all-round I thought – keep it up.

Needing 83 for victory, Fishers opened up with Bungle and the Campman, who both batted superbly, knocking 50 off just 5 overs, and retiring on 27 and

25 respectively. Bungle smashed 6 fours, 3 of which off Ben’s bowling which is no mean feat, inspiring Ant to open up as well, hitting 3 fours of his own. Neil holed out to Sandsy, who was fielding for the oppo, and Mao was looking good until he had a swipe at a very high ball which should have been called a no-ball (Ant) and was caught by Slaphead Jacobs, who finally managed to escape the considerable downward pressure of his Mrs’s thumb to come and play a spot of cricket, even if it was only to fill in for the oppo who were short of players. A mini collapse occured after James got out (after displaying some very sound technique which put us all to shame), with Neil’s son Matt, Gursh, Sandsy and myself all going in quick succession (the last 3 all for ducks!) But fittingly, it was left for Bungle on his comeback to come back in and knock off the final 2 runs for a well-deserved victory.



Tantrum of the day: Andy.

Victim of the day: the dressing room after Andy had finished with it.

Gay catch of the day: Ant ‘Wayne Sleep’ Grant.

Turncoat of the day: Dan ‘3 catches’ Jacobs.

Comedy moment of the day: Dan’s ability to swing himself 360 degrees in a vain effort to tonk the final ball of the innings.

And finally, man of the match – not a hard decision this week, although there were some very fine performances, from Ant and James in particular.

But the award has to go to the Human Cheeseburger himself, Mr. Bungle, for a cracking display of seam bowling and utter tonkage with the bat.


That’s all for now. Cheers,