SJFCC v Garden Fields

SJFCC 169-5 off 20 overs.

Garden Fields 170-4 off 18.2 overs

Thursday 24th June – Verulamium – match reporter Bungle and his ghost writer

STATEMENT: There is no way we should have failed to defend 169 on that pitch.

I think it’s fair to say that most of us bowled badly. There were far too many short and wide deliveries making it impossible to field. The only time they actually looked like they had to try was when Malc first came on. His accuracy was what we needed throughout. To be fair Reevo and Nurse bowled well but by the time they came on their guys were mid rampage.

The pitch was turning anything vaguely short and quick into a tennis ball, sitting up to be hit.

Traditionally these guys are strong and we tend to be 50/50 against them but last night we started well with 101-2 after 10 overs (Coxy 32, Watson Snr 29no and Reevo a brisk 11 ball 32no), we ended up on a score which was 60 over a decent score for Verulamium.*

So Fishers posted 169 off their 20 overs.

In reply GFCC had 3 retirees get 30 or more to ease home with 10 balls to spare…

I would like to play against these guys on a Sunday at somewhere like Clarence Park, assuming we play properly it will be a good match. It would also be good to bowl at them on a proper pitch.

This season we have been very hit and miss, we’ve got a very strong side for the standard of cricket we play and for various reasons we’re losing far too many matches.

I can’t help thinking that if we played a few more Sundays we’d be able to get more consistency with both the batting and the bowling. The seasons where we’d win 95% of matches we had a strong core of us playing regular Sundays for Corridor. We’ve still got the same standard of side now as we had then (If anything it’s stronger as we have 2 guys who can properly keep wicket** as opposed to Milton who used to try hard but wasn’t a proper keeper)

* Note: Its says on the scoresheet A Virgil 26no off 16 balls – surely some mistake??

** apart from Dawko and Anil who might these be?