St John Fisher cc V AGCC

Graces 87 all out off 32

SJFCC 75 all out off 28 overs.

Old Owens, Sept 5th 2010.

As ever, punctual Fishers took to the field first with 9 players, rumors of spot betting (apparently the time Keith would start on the fruit machines) were quickly quashed. Dawko or Dawkaz and one other were delayed watford somewhere – but joined us after around 6 overs (Keith deputized for a while, thats about 5 different keepers this year i think) Anyway Dave and John bowled very well, tightly and between them removed 3 batsmen. One to Dave was catch of the season as a caught and bowled or self-presevation-i’d-like-to-keep-my-head-intact-ducking-sticking-hand-out sort of catch (he dropped a sitter later). As the bowling changes came, it soon became apparent that it was a bowler friendly track (even Dawko boss got a wicket and he has never played proper (i use that term loosely) cricket before), Jon being was the pick with 8 overs, 2 for 13.

But Fishers fielded and bowled probably the best they have done all season and bowled out Archway Graces for 87. Job done, well half a job, lets bring on the tea. Don’t worry about the batting.

Oddly Dawkaz as he is know to his work colleagues and Keith started off steadily (ahem) Mark compiling  (amassed, arranged, assembled, brought together, collated, collected, composed, culled (never!), drew together,  garnered, gathered, gleaned) a well crafted 15 of 47 balls and Keith aggregating 3 off 21 balls – Regrettably for us that was the easy period, as soon as the seamers came off (the self named Psycho being one of them) the trouble really began (and the watching Fishers woke up). Both spinners were probably  a bit too good for us, especially the leggy who made Shane Warne look like Magnet. So we lost regular wickets, Si was almost timed out having a comfort break before having to bat (a metaphor for his batting). Dave and Jon then steadied the ship slightly (the ship already having hit an iceberg, holed and starting to sink), bungle played himself in for one (ball) and with 13 needed mowed across a straight one, so ultimately we were all out for 75. Better than last year and a good close game, but undone by a spinner far too good for out level!

Man of the match John Walmsley