What pitch are we on and other philosophical musings

SJFCC 151 for 6 off 20 overs WON by some runs against Jack of Diamonds 92 for 6 off 20 overs

Verulum football pitches, Thurs June 24th 2011 – Match Report: Jules

Steely grey skys, rain lashing down in stair rods, the ball more Imperial leather than red leather.

‘ Why ARE we here?’  Reevo’s observation was well made, with  a waning moon  in Pisces  (water sign),  it was  of course  the sort of evening when any right minded person  who follows the lunar cycles would have out been planting out their leaf crops, you know the stuff ; Basil, Cabbages, ,Kale, Lettuce, Swiss Chard, that sort of thng

Certainly there was little discernible difference between the leafy lush greenness of the outfield and the…. errr leafy lush greenness of the cricket square.

Fishers making first use of the wet wicket, the openers started well before Malc, shortly after imperiously cutting a ball for 4 through backward square, flat batted to mid on – Simon to the crease was determined to make the most of the relaxation of the 25 and retire curfew generously lifted by the oppo,  by elegantly dispensing the ball with back footed drives through cover for a half century.

Other highlights of the Fishers innings were the Transvaal run machine landing a six in the archery arena and Robin turning up in a bright yellow cagoule in an attempt to improve his midweek visibility.

A total of 150 odd to chase, Jack of Diamonds took to their task with gusto taking 15 of the first 2 overs before Dave managed to prise out their opening bat by thudding one into his pad.

THE top secret slower ball, which Dave had been assiduously perfecting in winter nets and further secretly, developing under almost clinical conditions at his home for the past 3 years, was finally unveiled to dismiss their No.3, as he began to threaten.

‘Matt the Cat’ snaffled a snick from a Reevo lifter, and Bungle and Bob from the other end, with a couple of in duckers and assorted flighted fancies respectively, saw off the middle order and with it the Jack of Diamonds resolve, with the rain setting in and the light deteriorating as quickly as the fielding, Fishers determinedly bowled out the match to secure the win.