Fishers V Prentenders

Match Report June 30th 2013 Dulwich

Fishers 185 off 40 lost by 6 wickets to Pretenders 191 for 4

Scorecard here

The game got off to a great start before we had even left St Albans,

“Keith showing his disgust at having to leave at 11 am to get down to Dulwich for 1pm. Surely the opposition knew that no Scotsman is sober enough to drive until 4pm the next day”

Most of Fishers arrived in Dulwich in time for the start, however we were at the wrong ground!

Even the wise elder statesman of Fishers/ Corridor Christie – Chunkysuriya – Phillips ended up at the wrong place.

Finally we all arrived at the correct game in time to start at 2pm. Before walking out to toss, Bungle received an uncharacteristically polite request from Boxer to bat first, due to the excessive heat.

This is the game that brought Christie out of retirement, to get revenge on his old foes. Unfortunately the Pretenders got wind of his second coming and they went into retirement – All bar their Fearless Chairman

Bungle duly won the toss and elected to bat.

This brought together the opening partnership equivalent of 2 stroke victims (Dawko and Keith)

Both hoping to outdo the other with the amount of dot balls faced before they either got out or off the mark.

After what felt like an eternity Dawko finally got caught out in the deep after (he did really) driving aggressively on the up.

This brought Si to the crease, who was desperate to undo the previous weeks horrors of a maiden golden duck.

With Keith blocking solidly at the other end, Si got to 6 from 20 balls (Keith still yet to awake from his coma).

Watson Senior replaced Si and bludgeoned 15 from 18 balls.

At this stage the top scorer was extras.

Just as it looked like another Fishers collapse, Christie “I haven’t picked up a bat in 4 years Phillips” came to the crease to join Keith “I am awake honest” Cormack.

What happened next was spectacular, watching Christie go on the attack from the first ball, Keith decided to accelerate (No really!)

Christie, showing no signs of rust raced to his 50, hitting one mammoth six whilst on 1 knee and 6 fours. However the big 6 seemed to break his bat. This led to a dozen big hits going nowhere.

Christie finally out for 55 from 59 balls.

With Christie out, we needed Bambi, who after spending 2 weeks on holiday at the Godolphin Stables, with a forged horse passport and all the free stimulants he could consume, to continue his recent run of form and get some quick runs.

Not to disappoint he got an almost run a ball 12.

Keith Finally got out for 51 (A number that Oli classes as immature)

Due to the lack of overs and the need of a score of 230+ Minchin, Bayly, Boxer and Herbert threw their wickets away trying to push the game. Sufian had his first bat for Fishers and ended up 1 not out from 1 ball.

At Tea Fishers were all out for 185.

Tea brought a fresh challenge. No one could find a knife to cut the Sandwiches.  Talk about the Fishers bad luck, we were the only people in South London not to be carrying a shiv.

After his cracking bowling spell last week Sufian was promoted to bowl ahead of the Crippled Bungle. This changed the balance from the successful SAS of the previous week to the unsuccessful SAD this week.

Opening from the Art Gallery end, Boxer bowled like a dream ending with figures of 8-1-13-2.

To put this in perspective, the oppo were short of their senior players, they brought in some fresh blood. Dave had the pleasure of bowling at a guy who scored 50 out of the first 55 runs off of the bat and 92 in total. Dave’s 2 wickets were comical but well earned. The first was a deep high catch on the boundary caught by Bungle who was convinced he was going to drop it. The second  was LBW 1 ball after an appeal with the batsman more plumb than Buster Gonad being turned down. This pre-empted Sufian to shout Hat trick ball!

Sufian bowled hard and was unlucky to end up with figures of 8-0-55-0.

Bungle replaced Boxer and Si replaced Sufian.

Bungle got the first break though bowling one of the openers  for 8.

Si at the other end finally managed to get rid of the other opener who had by then scored 92. Bayly taking a spectacular low catch at square leg.

Christie replaced Bungle from the Gallery end, although initially struggling for line and length (something about not handling any balls for 4 years) bowled faster than Boxer finishing with figures of 6-0-45-0.

Nigel replaced Si, Bungle replaced Christie and bowled at the death. With the oppo needing only a few runs, with Many overs left, Nigel strangled them hard with the tight line and length, with late movement he’s shown all season.  Nigel finished with figures of 3-0-15-0.

The oppo finally hit the winning runs with 9 balls to go.

Quotes of the game

“This has to be a first.  We’re in South London, and there isn’t a knife to be found anywhere”

Sufian “It cost me 50p for a small cup of coke at the bar” To be fair, that is a small fortune where he comes from, Luton, He could’ve bought 2 houses for that!

Sufian “Hat Trick ball” after Dave’s first LBW appeal was shockingly turned down and getting the guy next ball.

[box type=”info”] Man of the match: Boxer for his spectacular bowling display.[/box]

[box type=”bio”] Champagne moment: Christie coming out of retirement, hitting a 50 and not having a heart attack during his bowling spell. [/box]