Caddington 17 May 2015

In his autobiography Didi Hamman talks about how tactically astute Rafa Benitez is. He tells the tale of how, when he sought Rafa’s advice whilst preparing for his coaching exams, Rafa explained, using a variety of accoutrements on the dinner table, how to beat Guadiola’s Barcelona. Hamman was blown away by Benitez and swears that the tactics would have worked. Unfortunately, Benitez left Liverpool before he ever got a chance to put his plan into practice.

On a windy Sunday in Bedfordshire, Andy Mercer showed why those at Fishers view him as their very own Rafa Benitez. With Fishers fighting back against Caddington, skipper John Herbert threw the ball to Andy telling him he was up next. The response was short, sweet and possibly the greatest piece of tactical knowhow since Istanbul 2005.

“If you want to win this one John, don’t bowl me”.

He didn’t. Fishers won.

Andy Mercer, sporting genius.

Man of the match: Charlie Hoskins