Vocalink 03 May 17

Vocalink 106/8 (16 overs)
SJFCC 102/4 (16 overs)
Top performers:
L Boughton – 26 runs, 1 stumping
C Ramsey – 23 runs, 1 wicket, 1 catch
A Watson – 25 runs
J Boughton, D Warren (on debut), I Hazon – 2 wickets each (plus a run-out for Jack)
Vocalink won the toss, triggering two things – the rain started and Fishers bowled first. In about an hour of drizzle, Fishers grappled with a wet ball while the Vocalink players learned the value of spikes. Vocalink put away some bad balls, ran and shouted a lot and did well to reach 106. Regular wickets and some mean death bowling with a dryer ball restricted them a little. Fishers started brightly, taking advantage of several dropped catches, but slowed with a few batting failures in the middle, leaving too much at the end and as the gloom crept towards darkness fell just short.
Despite the surface water there were no ducks, and I don’t think there were any drops from the Fishers field. Also a superb running catch from the other debutante Jithin.
A full match report may or may not follow