2005-06-30. Loss By Aaron Bateman

Result: STAGS, 124 for ? from 20 overs; The Usually Mighty Fishers, 119 for ? from 20 overs.


A brief match report because I can’t remember too much now, it all seems so long ago…

Fishers started well keeping Stags well in check with some good tight stuff in particular from Walmsleyeyeye and Mr Chennells who took 3 for six or six for three or something along those lines.

They never really looked like getting away from us and for once we were holding more catches than shelling but Stags did well to keep wickets in hand and as the overs dwindled they succesfully upped the ante with Bullet taking some punishment at the end although in his defence his quadriceps were on the verge of collapse after yet another Ian Healy-esque performance behind the stumps.

At the end Stags posted a respectable 124 (if memory serves me correctly which I don’t think it does) and Fishers, led with flair and panache by Bungle, all felt it was eminently reachable.

Walmlseyeye and Big Malc opened but the former, who had been in terrific form with the bat this season, was out in the first over attempting a cut at one which cut back in and was a little too close to be cutting. That’s a cutting remark by the way.

Bullet strolled in after earlier remarking that he’d be lucky to survive the first ball such had been his miserable form with the bat this season but with Big Malc cutting loose at the end, Bullet took time to play himself in and Fishers regrouped.

Malc departed after a fine 22 and Reevo, aka The Scimitar, strode to the crease. A ripple of conversation broke around the huddled Stags. “This guy’s a hit and miss merchant apparently”, remarked one humorist.”Let’s hope he’s a miss merchant today then”, quipped another. As so often this season Reevo The Scimitar cleaved his way through the bowling attack, surviving the odd dropped catch before smiting yet more fours and departing not out for an invaluable 36.

Bullet was still there, eking out the runs, even dispatching one long hop for six before retiring on 31.


After that the innings got somewhat bogged down despite some terrific contributions from the like of the Whippet and Rafi and son.


But with 18 needed off three overs, the Fishers stayed confident. Bungle emerged swinging like a loon but got a good one from their star bowler who had been expertly held back and was out for a duck.


It fell to Bullet to try and strike a six off the last ball but he couldn’t manage it. A disappointing end to a terrific game of cricket with Fishers performing well in the absence of their skipper David someone or other.