The One With The Nice Tea
2007-04-29. Lost by 247 runs…gulp By Matt King


(yes, thatís two hundred and forty-seven)



Result: Washington: 309 for 9 from 40 overs, The (Mighty) Fishers: 62 all out in 15.3 overs.

It was a warm, sunny day in north London. Ahh, how wonderful it was to be playing cricket outdoors again. To feel the wind in your calypso sun-kissed hair (Chris), frothy lager against your lips (Phil – official team mascot) and to enjoy a well-earned, tasty tea. This was certainly a tea to write home about.

The Menu:

  • Pasta & ham in a light carbonara sauce, presented with side salad
  • Assorted platters of cut sandwiches (a variety of fillings, on both brown and white bread)
  • Baklava
  • Re-fried, moist, flat doughnut cookies (without the sugar)
  • Homemade scones (no jam)
  • Frothy tea.


Well, that about wraps up the dayís event.

Oh, the cricket. Yes, well, err, hereís a summary.

They batted first and got a shed-load of runs. We all bowled, with varying levels of ësuccessí. The wickets were spread around with The Hodgson Twins taking the ëbulkí (4) between them and Dave getting another two. Out of 40 overs, we bowled three maidens (two to Walmsleyey and one to Cox Of The Cap). Seven out of our ten bowlers got hit for a six at some point.

Put it this way, their (not out) no. 11 got as many runs as our top scorer. I could say that we did well restrict them in their whole innings to only two scoring shots of 2 runs and only a single 3. This, coupled with 34 singles, could make us have appeared quite ëcontainingí and would be mis-leading. The rest, unfortunately, were all boundaries. Lots of them. Everywhere. 54 of them in total. It was the cricketing equivalent of ëZuluí.

The highlights of our batting:

– we were dropped four times before they took our first wicket

– we hit more 2 run scoring shots than they did (and as many 3s)

– Graham hit a great 6. So pleased was he that he signaled it himself, just in case there was any doubt.

– Dave being pleased with himself for achieving our third highest score (six).

– Paul, on his Fisherís debut, knew that he really had to take it to the bowler and show some aggression against the ageing, slower than slow bowling gentleman. Paul ran a single and rammed straight into the bowler knocking them both flying. Age Concern has been notified of the incident.


The best bit of the whole day was that Bungle was captain, so we get to blame the whole thing on him.


Quote Of The Day: (Chris to debutant Ross Williams as Bungle was setting the (mis)fielders before the start of the game) ìHey, young man! Do I know who you are?î.

Fishers, welcoming as ever.