SJFCC vs FINAL CRICKET CLUB – The One Where We Scored Lots

The One Where We Scored Lots
2007-05-24. Won by 66 runs By Matt King



The Mighty Fishers: 175 for 2 off 20 overs, The Final Cricket Club 109 for 5 off 20.

Fishers were in high spirits following the victory against Diocese two days earlierÖÖor maybe just high on the lingering charcoal smell of the Wheato clubhouse (R.I.P.)? Anyway, a strong batting line up came into its own today with our best batting performance since, well, since the last really good one which, letís be honest, was probably a very long time ago and Iím certainly not going to wade through the stats to find out exactly when.

Fishers batted first. The opening partnership of DawCox ô got us off to a flying start, reaching 47 off the first five overs and both subsequently retiring on 25 not out. Andy Harris, seeing the need to accelerate things after such a slow opening start, thrust his way to 35 not out, scoring 16 off his final over at the crease.

Reevo, seeing all the bat flailing and power shots, must have been pleased to see that the team had finally taken some notice of his coaching tips. Unfortunately, it was not to be his day and he was out plumb LBW by Williams.C. (the umpire). As Reevo returned to the ëpavilioní he said something akin to ëîOh dear, never mind, that certainly was out. How foolish of me to think otherwise. Ah well, these things happen in the jolly game of cricket. I must buy Christopher a drink later.î Anyway, it went something like that.

A classic Bungle ëinningsí followed. Two balls ñ one whacked for 4, the other hit the stumps, bowled by Patrickson (Bravo, not Delta). As Bungle was quick to point out, ìThatís a strike rate of 200%!î Hmmm.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dave forced his way to quick-fire 30 not out. He was supported by John King, who, in turn, was joined by Matt for the final two overs. The King Pair put on 29 off the last two overs to round the innings off at 175, with John reaching 25 not out.

Bob and Chris opened the attack for Fishers. Bob was on form after two bowling spells on Tuesday and bowled both openers out in consecutive overs, conceding only 6 runs off his 3 over spell.

Now I canít remember exactly the sequence for the next bit, but, looking at the chain of events in the scorebook, it appears that the moment of the match came off Chrisís second over. If it did and, the more I think about it, I think it did, then it goes some way to explaining Reevoís earlier departure from the crease. The batsman was down the wicket to a wide ball. The ball hit his pads. There were some muffled appeals and the umpire raised a finger. It was so obviously not out that, as the batsman trudged off, we called him back. It wasnít our fault, but it was a long, long way from being LBW. We are so sporting.hmm, what would we have done if we hadnít had the security of 175 runs on the board?

Anyway, things were evened up when Bob clean bowled the same batsman in the next over.

Anil bowled three good overs for 11 and was partnered by Reevo who got a wicket when Matt caught one in his belly button at long off.

I think it was John who bowled a 7 year old for a golden duck off his long run. Yeah, you sure showed him. They need learn the hard way in tight games like this. Andrew took the final wicket by trapping the batsman into thinking he could score a boundary off every single ball and the oppo ended up on 109 for 5.

Man of the Match: Andy Harris for a stonking 35 not out and some tidy keeping behind the stumps.

Quote of the Match: Chris (on returning to his colleagues having completed his stint as umpire and commenting on Reevoís earlier dismissal) ìYeah, I didnít think that was out.î Blank looks all round.