SJFCC vs Archway Graces

SJFCC vs Archway Graces
2004-07-18. Loss By

Dave Boxer

Evening all (or morning all if you’re reading this when you get into work on Monday.)

Unfortunately, we lost only our second game of the season today. Result: Fishers 127 all out (although only 10 men) from 34.2 overs; Archway Graces128 for 3 from 27.2 overs.

Firstly, I’m writing this report on behalf of Christie, partly because he can’t be bothered and partly because I can spell.

So, onto the match. A bit of a disappointing performance all round today. Chris lost the toss and we were put into bat. Opening up with Dawko and Pugwash Nick, a solid start looked on the cards. Unfortunately, Nick was caught behind off a peach of a delivery for a goldie, and it went downhill from there. Grant and Dawko managed to stick around for 10 overs, but the oppo possessed 4 very good, quick Asian bowlers who bowled consistently tight throughout the match, especially their opener, who bowled 7 overs on the bounce, and finished with figures of 3 maidens, 2 for 8.


We also made an amazing discovery – Dawko is the new Pat! Although Dawko’s not a lard bucket, has good technique and isn’t a prick, his ability to defend absolutely everything is uncannily similar to our ex-teamate and most hated man in St. Albans. Dawko was eventually caught for 18 having batted for 23 overs – good effort son!


Pat mk.2 was ably supported by Ant, who somehow made 9 runs amongst a flurry of fishing. I believe he caught two salmon, a cod and four red snappers. Dawko then proved that the similarities with Pat don’t end with the Boycott-esque batting – he has also added to his bow that famous Pat ability to run out his teamates, as Bungle unfortunately found out!


Philips then came in and was looking good, hitting a couple of beuatiful 4s and reached a quickfire 13, but was then bowled . With the score standing at 41 for 4 from 20 overs, I was next in the firing line. Thankfully, my timing was perfect, as the oppo wheeled out the infamous ‘Loopy Hoopy’ to bowl his pies just as I came to the crease. Trotting down the wicket, I managed to tonk a couple of sixes off him, and the score began to look a bit more respectable. After Dawko holed out off one of Loopy’s ice-covered balls (ooh er missus), Jimmy strode to the crease.

A good partnership was struck up between Jimmy and Boxer, as we put on a 72-run partnership. With 3 overs to go, we decided to have a bit of a swing (even more of a swing than we already were that is) and I picked out backward point to get out for 47. Jimmy, having lost his mentor, couldn’t cope without his guiding light, and surrendered his wicket shortly afterwards for 23, having tonked 3 very tasty fours through the off side. Two of Christie’s mates – Ian and John – who kindly filled in for us, then got out cheaply, for 1 and 0 respectively, and that, as they say, was that.


Knowing we needed to keep it tight from the start, our bowling didn’t begin well. I gave away a 4 and a 6 and Ian, although he went on to bowl a very good couple of overs, went for a couple of 6s as well. After only 6 or 7 overs, they had already raced to 40-odd.


A good bowling change by captain Christie turned things around though, bringing himself and Bob onto bowl. Chris bowled very quick and, amazingly, straight, and scared the crap out of their batsmen with some very nasty bouncers. Bob, meanwhile, made the breakthrough at the other end, taking a wicket (bowled) with his first ball and then taking another (also bowled) a few balls later.


Jimmy then came on for Chris and bowled very tightly, taking the wicket of one of their dangermen thanks to a brilliant catch by Ian in the slips. After spilling it a couple of times, the ball appeared to be heading to the floor, but an inspired use of the knob prevented such an occurance, and, having blocked the ball with one of his own, he grabbed it (the cricket one) with one hand and held on.


Unfortunately, that was it for the wickets. Nomatter how much we strove, Chris, Jimmy, Bob, Nick and myself couldn’t make another breakthrough, and the oppo reached our score with 7.4 overs remaining.


So, all in all, a disappointing performance. Although we started off too slow batting-wise, credit must go to their bolwers who did a great job.




Quote of the day: Ant, coming off the pitch after a spot of umpiring: ‘Whose umpire coats are these?’, holding aloft a coat with ARCHWAY GRACES CC in bloody massive bold type on the back.


Champagne moment of the match: Ian’s one-handed, pork sword-aided catch.


Cake of the match: the scones and jam.


Man of the match: At this point I’d like to make clear that this was chosen by Christie and not myself, because the award went to me!


Well, that’s it. Next games are this week – Tuesday and Thursday – and I’ll be sending out an email with details in a minute.