GOODWILL 17-7-16

On the first sunny day of the year Captain Bungle was advised by Si (The man with local knowledge… of the bar) that it will be a pitch to bat on first. With that advice Bungle lost the toss and let the Oppo chose to bat.
With Boxer still in “Retirement” Tom was promoted to open the bowling. After watching Bungle get slapped by their opener, to all corners of the pitch he graciously ripped out the guys stumps and did wonders for Bungles economy rate. After picking up 2 more wickets (more than he’d taken all season) he ended up with figures of 7-0-40-3. Bungle ended up wicketless (no mention of the 5 balls through the legs of the slip cordon or the 32 balls through the keeper) with Figures of 5-1-28-0. Fretter and Walmsley replaced Bungle and Hargreaves. Fretter bowled brilliantly but didn’t get the return he deserved, ending with cracking figures of 8-3-18-1. Walmsley bowling from the “Watson Ball Graveyard” end started well and bowled a very tight first spell. Unfortunately needing to rest his old man’s gammy back he opted to take a break and come back on later. His first spell 5-0-12-0. His second spell was less enjoyable going for 18 in his last 2 overs, finishing with 7-0-30-0. Ranga and Andy Milton bowled the 3rd spell. Ranga now 100% fit after last year’s TINDERnitis episode bowled 8 overs of high paced aggressive overs in a row, keeping the batsmen on their toes and Vaughan ducking for cover. Ranga finished with great figures of 8-0-28-1. Due to Greg needing to pull out at the last minute (Finbar Saunders anyone?) Vaughan managed to source a member of the Milton Family. This one leaner, meaner and more talented than his Predecessor but significantly less efficient at the Bar. Now some of us might remember the last time we saw Andy Milton bowl. He had great fun bowling at Watson who hit him for 6 boundaries in the over after he’d fielded 20 overs for us as a favour!. This time was different…… bowling a very tight spell of flan (in action only) after getting a caught behind (Yes Vaughan Held one) the Batsmen refused to walk and the Umpire didn’t give it. Even after Vaughan politely asked the batsmen if he’d been taking mild altering drugs he didn’t walk. Milton got the last laugh though bowling the guy so no appeal was needed. Andy finished with figures of 5-1-21-2
Over all we fielded very tightly with very few genuine miss-fields.
Goodwill Wonderers ended their innings on 186-8 from their allotted 40.
Time for Tea…….
As Jules was working a night shift and Krista was sick, the Tea duties fell to Captain Bungle. The kitchen was Chaos with Watson, Bungle, Vaughan, no one could find a knife big enough to cut the water melon, piles of 8 sandwiches were being cut at the same time, this was until Jules, who must’ve had a 6th sense of the potential tea failure, turned up unexpectedly and took over the management of the kitchen. After telling everyone that the kitchen has never smelt so bad, she increased the efficiency 10 fold.
Fishers went out to bat needing 187 to win.
After his 375 ball 20 against Honiton, Bayly was promoted to opener. Ably assisted by Walmsley. This got off to a good start with them cruising to 23 from the first 9 overs, only 50% below the required run rate. After an change in bowling Walmsley took guard against Goodwill’s mystery Asian spinner. Jon watched a ball pitch outside leg stump, then followed it all the way to the point it hit the top of off stump. If it had been Watson batting we could have described it as Warne to Gatting. It was quite possibly the best ball we will see (or not see) for a very long time. Oli dug in for the long haul, knowing that Watson, who had just joined him, would look after the run rate. After being warned about the abilities of the spinner Watson decided to show him no respect and promptly hit him out of the attack. Das V Walmsley (…..W) Das V Watson 44…4. Bayly was finally out for 14 from 53 balls (Watch out Keith). Watson however, at the other end, was doing his best to keep us up with the run rate. Smashing the ball to all corners, wings flapping wildly in the hot sun hitting his 50 from 29 balls. In true Watson style he got out the very next ball. 51 runs which included 10 * 4s but unusually no 6s.
Hoskins briefly joined Watson at the crease only to help cement his position at the top of the Ducks list.
Dionne our resident professional sportswoman (after making us all feel old, tired, unfit) in the field, dug in deep against some very tight bowling. She steadied the ship well to stop the almost inevitable fishers collapse. In order to keep some balance in the universe, one rotund chap was replaced by another and Captain Bungle waddled out to the pitch. After 3 dot balls he got off the mark (Potentially his slowest in a decade). Realising that Tom was in next which is potentially, the hutch being open, he decided to dig in and play a proper innings which included no less than 15 dot balls. Fortunately by this time the hutch had been opened by the departure of Dionne who had ground out a gritty 12, which meant that Tom was at the Crease. Bungles 50 came in 31 balls (2 slower than Watson) his 50 coming off of a cultured slog to cow over the wicket covers. He did however the moral victory as he hit 2 6s. After a 50 run partnership between Tom and Bungle, Bungle slogged at one too many and was bowled for 51 which included 7 * 4s 2 * 6s and most surprisingly 16 dot balls. Si who was scoring decided to promote Milton to enable him to stay in the shade. Milton batted well with Tom and the two batted through to enable a Fishers victory by 4 wickets with 2.2 overs spare. Tom 33 not out and Milton 6 not out. To say that Ranga (next man in) was relieved that he didn’t have to go out to bat is an understatement.
Fishers ended on 188-6 from 37.4 overs.
Quote of the match:
Oli Bayly, after hearing from Dionne that Ranga had lent her a Kids Bat suggesting that Ranga might be more successful on KINDER than Tinder!
Champagne moment:
Hoskins’ Nursey scoop from the boundary which somehow managed to be a direct hit and a run out!
Man of the Match:
Tom Hargreaves for his 33 not out under pressure and his 7-0-40-3