SJFCC vsGarden Fields

SJFCC vsGarden Fields
2004-06-03. Abandoned

By Andy Harris

After yours truly decided to lose the toss again (3-3 record for losing, I thank you!) we set out to field with an excellent troupe in the field. End of the first over GFCC were 9-1… hmmmm.

After the sixth over, following two baseball strikes aimed at the batsman from Pugwash and two more wickets falling, one of which he had to say sorry to the batsman for a c and b (yes it was hat bad), the score was 20-3.

However, the batsmen were starting to wade to the crease and the slips and w/k were thinking of oxygen tanks and flippers to continue, we decided to call it a day. However it was good commitment from everyone, well done.

Quote of the match: Ant Grant in the bar during post-match debrief “Who would want to eat fur?” Hmmm… say no more, but must speak with Christine.

MOTM: Well great performances all round, however it has to go to Pugwash, for having the bottle to apologise for such an appauling ball to take a caught and bowled wicket.