SJFCC vs Lower Red Lion

SJFCC vs Lower Red Lion
2004-06-06. Win

By Andy Harris

St John Fisher CC 201 for 4 (35 overs), Lower Red Lion CC 104 all out (27.1overs)


I knew it was going to be an odd match, before even the first ball was bowled. Primarily as it was a sunday fixture and we had all 11 players at the side of the pitch, dressed in whites at 1.55pm for a 2pm start and the oppo had one, in a dodgy hawaiian number! It got even more surreal as I won the toss and decided to bat!!!!!


We started off batting in a very secure manner with Dr Dawkins being dropped from the first ball of the match with a cross bat slog back over the bowlers head. Nice. However Pugwash (35) and Dawko built a good partnership pushing and nudging around to amass 76 runs from 26 overs… hmmmm. And in that time the first landmark was reached, Dawkins (32) reaching double figures for the first time for Fishers. In a relative short period of time (3 balls) they both got out and brought together Ant Grant and Pat Fogarty, they started to push things along nicely until Grant was out for 9. Bringing to the crease Mr C Philips. Again though no partnership as such was made as Pat Forgarty was caught shortly afterwards for 20ish. Brining to the crease Jon Walmsley.

Score was 105 for 4 after 28 overs. Your Captain (me) was thinking 140 would be a good score from here… oh how wrong was I. Jon started to take it to the bowlers, but then Christie got the strike. Bad mistake for the Lower Red, I think it was 51 from 14 scoring shots. Including 5 sixes, people started getting scared in Hemel after the exocets were heading that direction. Anyhow, Christie ended 65 and Jon Walmsley 35 no.


After words with their skipper at the tea break over a few words that were said not in jest by a certain person, we came out thinking attacking field.

Our fielding was superb again, well apart from 8 chances put down by Dawkins (an extra two added purely for ducking making 10!), Chennels missing an easy c & b and the poor efforts of a keeper dropping one from Walmsley! Bowling was super tight again. Am unsure of the wicket spread, however I think Chennels 2, Walmsley 2, Philips 1, Harris 1, Ethan Fogarty 3 and 1 run out.

Lee and Edwards bowled well and toiled for scant reward (I think… sorry if you got wickets, but don’t have the figures in front of me!) The run out was the most specatcular hash up of calling I had seen in my life. Christie bowling super fast down leg (no surprise there!) stopped by Andy “the cat”

Harris diving to his left. Non-facing bat not seeing that i’d stopped got to the strikers end, before calling. While the facing bat stood his ground. A dolly throw to Chris saw the bails dislodged and their bat run-out without facing a ball. Oh well. From then on, Nasser did well with the bat! Ethan’s figures again being the top bowling. 3.1-1-5-3… well done fella.


MOTM: I could share it again, but won’t. Honourable mentions throughout the team. Perchard and Dawkins for batting. Ethan Fogarty and Jim-Bob Chennels for bowling. Jon Walmsley for batting and bowling. However I think the award must go to Christie Philips for a tremendous batting performance and agressive bowling.

Quote of the match: Dr Dawkins after being dropped on the first ball of the match “I though I hit that hard enough to get over his head, but obviously I didn’t” Well no s**t sherlock. Tell me did that give you the PhD for stating the obvious!?

Sorry it’s a long one. But am bored and needed something to do.