SJFCC vs St Albans U15

SJFCC vs St Albans U15
2005-05-05. Win by 2 wickets By Dave Boxer

Result: St Albans U15s 94 for 5 from 20 overs; The Mighty Fishers 96 for 8 from 18.2 overs.

A new season, same old rubbish! Fishers scraped a victory in our first match of the season against a spirited St Albans Under 15 side who weren’t afraid to take on, and sledge, a bunch of old fellas.

It was business as usual from the beginning – everybody was on time except Bungle – and we started late. Winning the toss, master tosser Dave elected to field, and all went smoothly for the first 10 overs, as we bowled tightly to reduce the upstarts to just 30 runs, albeit without the loss of any wickets. Excellent spells of bowling from Andy Reeves (2 overs for 3 runs), Simon (2 overs for 5 runs) and Aaron (2 overs, 1 maiden for 5 runs) set the tone, but then the opening batsmen, especially the impressive James Rosson, began to open up, and all of a sudden the Mighty Fishers were getting the runaround.


Boxer made the breakthrough, bowling Soneji off stick, and followed it up with a caught and bowled off a slower ball. He should have taken a 3rd wicket with the very next delivery, but hashed the catch when he used his nose rather than the tried and tested method of hands.


Chris then came on and cunningly used the growing darkness to his advantage by lobbing the ball as high into the air as possible. This tactic paid off when he tempted the no.4 batsman to lash out and sky it to Boxer, who took the catch at deep mid-wicket.


A tasty run out followed after good work by Matt (I think) and Martin behind the stumps. We couldn’t capitalise on this, however, and just one more wicket fell, a beautiful inswinging yorker by Bungle.


Deciding that early, quick runs were the order of the day, Boxer asked Mr Twattage himself Bungle to open the batting, along with newboy Aaron, who’d looked invincible in the nets during the Winter. Bungle started as he meant to go on, swinging at and missing the first ball of the innings. We’ve decided that we need to employ a cow-bell from now on so he can hear it coming. He added just 3 runs before playing a shot approximately 15 minutes too early and getting bowled. Not to panic, we thought, Andy Reeves, our 2nd biggest hitter is strolling out to the middle. These hopes proved unfounded though, as he was well caught for 1. Aaron followed suit soon after, the victim of a superb catch.


If anyone could be relied upon, then Si Marriott, our ringer from St Albans CC, was surely the one. After all, he’s the only Fishers player who actually plays cricket shots when he’s batting rather than golf swings. Sadly, the pressure got to old Si and he skied one that was brilliantly caught at square leg.

Boxer was in by now and managed to steady the innings, with a few singles and 2s. Matt joined him at the crease and the pair stuck around for a few overs, getting the innings back on track, until Matt was given LBW by a shocking decision by Uncle Phil Milton, who was umpiring to pass time until the bar opened. Boxer retired on 27, and Rafi and Chris set about continuing the good work, putting on a vital stand of 20ish, before Chris was bowled.

It was just left to Martin and then Arun to finish the job, which they did, with Rafi still unbeaten on a commendable 16, with an over-and-a-half to spare.


So, much like Chelsea, the under 15s had played pretty well, but got a touch complacent and allowed arrogance to creep in. This enabled Fishers, the Liverpool FC of the cricket world, with great history and experience, to pip them at the post and put them firmly in their place. Isn’t that right Sandsy?!


Man of the match: Dave (voted for by Sandsy)