SJFCC vs Crabtree

SJFCC vs Crabtree
2006-06-15. Loss by 6 wkts By Dave Boxer

Result: Fishers 104 for 4 from 18 overs; Crabtree 108 from 16.1 overs.


A game that started late due to an appalling England performance against the might of Trinidad and Tobago, this match was reduced to 18 overs each side.

Fishers opened the batting and made a bright start after Reevs had holed out for 7. Cox proved that the previous game’s failure with the bat was a one-off when he made a delightful 27 not out, with some lovely strokes and the odd tonked 4. Bungle followed his lead, making his 25 not out in double quick time, featuring one hefty six, to bring Big Malc to the crease. He departed for a hard-earned 15, caught behind, leaving Boxer free to balls up his innings for the fourth game on the spin, picking out point with a firmly hit square cut. Williams was bowled last ball of the innings in amazing circumstances, when his forward defensive put so much potent spin on the ball, it hit the deck and boucned backwards, dislodging the bails. Comedy dismissal of the season so far.

Our bowling began positively enough, with Bob putting in a tight spell and barman Nick taking a couple of wickets, one caught by the panther-esque Magnet charging round the boundary and the other by Reevo in a similar but less spectacular fashion.

Egre then got in on the act, inducing a big shot from the no. 6 which on a normal day would have gone for 6. Not this day though. This day was Magnet’s day – still on a high from his first catch (and the crystal meths he’d taken before the match), Magnet took another stunner on the legside boundary to dumfound everyone. But he didn’t stop there – he took the final wicket thanks to a brilliant catch by Nick at mid-wicket. Unfortunately, it was too little too late, as Crabtree surpassed out score with a couple fo overs to spare.

Man of the match: Another great knock by Cox and a quickfire 25 from Bungle, but Magnet has to get the award for the sheer fact that he managed to catch something other than crabs.