SJFCC vs GARDEN FIELDS – The One With The White Ball

The One With The White Ball
2007-05-17. Lost by 7 wickets By Matt King



Result – Fishers: 115 for 3 from 20 overs, Garden Fields: 116 for 3 in 19.2 overs.

In a break with tradition Fishers batted first.

In a moment of inspired leadership, Bungle agreed to the oppoís request to use a white ball and subsequently allowed Matt and Reevo to move the sight screens in line with the wicket on the edge of the square. He then informed us of the change in ball colour so we reversed the motions. This will teach us not to bother in future.

Adam and Orange Pippin opened the batting. Having batted brilliantly in Tuesday, Adam had a change of fortune and was out for 1. On a slow, wet pitch Andrew, by his own admittance, never quite found his timing, but grafted his way to a retirement on 25 made up entirely of singles and twos. Talking of slow and wet, Chris was batting at the other end. He did find the boundary, but was run out on 15 in a valiant attempt to run only one when three was easily do-able.

A couple more Andrewís came to the crease (Harris and Reeves) and both powered their way to retirement on 25 each. I forget who, but one of them hit a great six that flashed across the road inches above the head of the driver of a convertible Porsche. He would have taken evasive action, but in the now bright evening sunshine the white ball was getting hard to spot. Oh, that and it was heading side on towards his temple.

Bungle was caught bat in hand by A Shepherd (not for the first time) for 7 and Dave and Anil saw the innings to a close. Anil scoring his first ever run for Fishers and was relieved to do so.

Extras: 4

All in all, our bowling wasnít too bad looking back now at the figures. In a change of rules (suggested with the white ball) a max of three per bowler was allowed. Dave and Malcolm bowled tightly. Bungle and Anil both got a wicket, but it was Reevo who combined both aspects and bowled tightly and got a wicket.

We knew we were going to be up against it and were always a few runs short. We put down three chances. I was guilty of one, but another was off my bowling earlier so that makes it ok, doesnít it?

As the gloom set in, the white ball came into its own. Unfortunately it helped the batsmen more than the fielders and Garden Fields reached the target with four balls to spare.


Extras: 18

Man of the Match: The Reevonator.

Mis-Quote Of The Day: ìDid he throw that ball at the batsman?î

“No, itís just the way he bowls.”

(you had to be there..)