SJFCC vs FINAL CRICKET CLUB – The One Without Enough Players

The One Without Enough Players
2007-06-20. Won by 29 runs By Matt King


The Mighty Fishers: 131 for 4 from 20 overs, Final Cricket Club: 102 all out in 17.3 overs.

Bungle won the toss and, taking into consideration the wicket, the light, cloud cover, wind direction, local tides and imminent changes to the law on smoking in the workplace, decided to bat first. Oh, that and we only had eight players at the start of the match, what with Adam being in detention and John King not being allowed to get down from the dinner table until he had finished all his greens.

Reevo declined to open the batting on the basis that he had ëover-teadí, so it was left to Ethan and Coxy to get things under way. Unusually for June 2007, there was actually some sunshine. Usually, however, for Greenwood Park, it was right behind the bowlerís arm at one end. Ethan was out stumped in the first over after he lost sight of one that came out of the sun like a Japanese fighter plane attacking at the Battle of Midway.

Coxy and Bob built a strong partnership which resulted in the former retiring on 28 and the latter being bowled out for 29 on the last ball he faced before retirement. We think Chrisís call to Bob of ëCome in nowí after facing what we thought was his final ball (which turned out to be a wide) probably didnít help. Either way, Bob still reached his highest ever midweek score (editorís note: check stats with Bill Frindle).

Having let his tea settle, Reevo blazed his way to a quick-fire retirement on 26. Bungle significantly improved his batting average for the season by weighing in with a hefty 5. Harris scored a quick 12 and Matt and Chris brought the innings to its conclusion on 131. Matt was 11 not out and Chris came in for a cameo slog-fest role to face two balls at the death. He was 0 not out.

King The Elder, having eaten up all his greens and tidied his room, was allowed out to play and joined us in time to take to the field to see Harris and Adam open the bowling. Andy H, Bob and Adam took a wicket each, but the oppo had moved on worryingly to 91 off 14. Just when things were looking tight a combination of some great fielding and productive bowling by King J and Reevo made the difference and whittled through the mid to late order. An excellent low throw from Adam made one run out and Reevoís swift return another. KTE got three wickets (including two in two balls) and Reevo got a pair with the last four wickets falling in three overs.

Catches, as the saying goes, win matches. Bungle took a difficult one off Reevoís bowling at mid-off to win us the game (although, to be honest, if heíd have dropped it we probably would have won anywayÖ.).

Sausages: 9/10

Man of the Match: Neck and neck between Reevo and Bob. Both contributed with both bat and ball, but the photo finish put Reevo ahead by taking one extra wicket and a run out.

Quote Of The Day: ‘That’s it Bob, time for you to retire..oh!