BBQ hangovers, clichés and impending fatherhood

SJFCC 172 for 3 off 34.2 overs WON by 7 wks against Washington 171 for 7 off 35 overs (scorecard here)

Sunday July 10th, 2011 – Match Reporter: L.B. Williams


Fishers took the field bleary eyed and dehydrated, well some of the members who had crawled in that same morning from Andrew Watsons Braai – possibly not feeling all that great, great prep indeed for playing one of the toughest teams of the season.

Outrageously Bungle won the toss and elected to bowl , banking on the previous good showings form the fishers Bowling Unit and ignoring the fact that one of the opp (who had been playing his natural game) had scored 190 the previous week

The pitch (The weather was perfect, the pitch is in average good condition, the players are up for it, we should be in for a treat today) had been played on the previous day and had a good soaking so frankly it looked a good toss to win, looking for positives in the bowling performance, Bungle (bunger) opened up With Streaky from the mental institute end.

Dave as mentioned in previous match reports has toiled well this year for little reward (using the facilities) and although placing the (heavy ball) cherry in the right areas (bowling wicket to wicket), the pace was just not there, enabling Dawko to actually catch some of the balls that the batsmen left alone, relief and shock all round – Dave finished fruitless (7-1-22-0)

Bungle acknowledging every game is important, playing with full intensity (no dead rubbers here) swung into action up the hill in humid, overcast, swingtastic conditions (looking for some reverse swing). So it goes without saying it didn’t do anything at all. The prodigious movement on a week ago was replaced by well nothing until the by Ross first wicket,  adjudged lbw, infact given, as it was a long hop (cafeteria bowling) that didnt bounce and found the batsman plumb (on the back foot), hitting about 2 inches high as he in vain tried to hook the perceived bouncer (He hardly gave any width. He tied the batsman and made them do something different. And got his reward for his discipline).

SI then replaced Dave at the Mad wicketless end and promply did not hit the right area in anyway at all (Anils beer keg had no doubt contributed to a lack of focus (literally)) and fed his 3rd ball a-la-stuart-nurse-stock-wicket-taking-delivery, full toss to the batsman who smacked it straight to Oli, who to be honest had to catch it as he couldnt get out of the way as it was hit so hard – not for the first time this season Streaky could appreciate what a fine fair game cricket is. Luckily at the other end Ross continued to bowl well (really hitting his straps) and pressure was applied as Si also managed to pitch one or two (the corridor of uncertainty)  (Ross: 7-43-2 and Si: 7-2-15-2). Matt, Oli, Waton Snr all had a trundle (fling), whilst Bungle finished off (bowling that is) with a couple or wickets, including a skier that Dawko took with aplomb, to keep the ‘Wash’ at a manageable 171 for such a strong batting line up.

Tea was then consumed along with vast quantities of cake to absorb last nights indulgences.

Keith (it does not matter how the runs come) and dawko (form is temporary class is permanent) then began the Fishers reply, a collection of dot ball utopian cricket awaiting the spectators (and 12th heckling man Robin) and the spectators were not to be disappointed. But steadily the score built, Keith (farming the strike), Dawko (milking the bowling), took the opening dairy farm score from 50, then to over  100 before keith (throwing the kitchen sink)  – out for 52 (72 balls), dawko, nuggety (dropping anchor) in his accumulation of runs continued with Si (Taking the aerial route ) came in and attained two Natsbury Maximums (thats now 33 for all the fisherman so far this season) before getting run out. In next the engine of the fishers middle order (back in the hutch) and in prime form, Andrew Watson, came in and was prompty back out, a golden duck (gone without troubling the scorer). Luckily Fishers visiting illigal immigrant helped dawko (sticking to the basics) edge (again literally) home. No team deserved to lose but cricket won.

Anyway both teams dodged the final rain and retired to the green dragon to look for 2 jugs and some beer.

Later Herbert, 33, felt the focus on the BBQ tended to overshadow the fact there are plenty of other tough opponents out there for Fishers.

“To beat Washington in our own back yard takes something special. I know we did it a few years ago but I felt at the time they were going through a bit of a rebuilding phase whereas they are now a very strong and setttled side. I don’t think we underestimate the size of the challenge ahead of us, but we can win out there. If we could then it’ll be a huge confidence booster ahead of a lot important cricket coming up.”

Man of the match: Dr Dawkins (105 balls for his 74)

ps. with thanks to Washington CC for the following images:

Caught Dawko - Bounced Bungle
Naveed Mir top edging Bungle, gratefully caught by Dawko







Si bowls Aff Naseem