SJFCC v roadrunners live blog

Fishers live blog enables all twitter followers to er follow in real time too ( all six of them) and anyone else pitifully bored enough to follow live…

16:14 RR 150 off 35
so a quick Fishers summary:





16:15 tea

16:48 Ramsey and dawko opening, Mark immediately out, no doubt the stress of impressing the watching family not helping, Mr Smith although correct did think about the LBW for all of .001 of a second.

16:48 Ramsey milking the strike, 5 dots and then a single for last 3 to something overs, I forget

16:48 Ramsey  out – Watson sporting a real cricket bat not his ‘goose’ joins Marriott. Marriott very scared when Watsons calls him through for a 2

17:15 Marriott  out, gets a f**king pea-roller when going well, oh so happy – especially after watching Ramseys attempt on Keiths dot-ball record (7 days i think). Marriott teaches Freyer so new swear-words immediately after

17:something Watson out – given hip before wicket – Ramsey decides to stay out umpiring for the remainder of the game…

18:05 fishers now struggling 81 for 5 off 18 Marriott and Watson out


18:17 ok now I’m not fielding or batting I’ll try to do a bit more, 6 down smith just out – bungle and boxer in, 51 required

18:something Inspector Summers out (5), Ryan hits first ever 4 (slapped through cow, hmm who taught him that I wonder?) then out for 6 and then Smith in and out for another 6, wheels coming off here…

18:22 105 for 7 off 21 boxer just crashed his first four, need these two to hang around a bit

18:29 boxer out bowled (why did i say they need to hang around?) the crooked cox next in

18:29 Ah Mr. Cox someone with actual technique, however knackered your ankles, knees are

18:36 135 off 24… Bungle and cox

18:44 146 off 26 for 8 getting close

some point after 18:44 Fishers win with 8 overs to spare, some classic bungle strokes (I wont describe you know) wins the day, 27 No, Bayley very relieved not to have to contribute




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