Sjfcc v Diocese and Watson’s ‘Goose’

Aug 8th  2012, Veralliummmmmmmm park

by Lance Gibbs

Diocese: 89 for 2 off 20, Fishers: 93 for 5 of 16 – scorecard here

Diocese turned up with 6 or 7 so Fishers Chairperson played for them so they had virtually a full side  and without his 37 out of their 89 it would have been a bit bleak for the Vicars* Anyway the bowling got spread around – Mr three counties being the pick with two wickets, probably as he didn’t have to bowl to Andrew.

The run chase was easy, Marriott retired after 3 overs, Summers almost killed his relatives with a six, Fishers then had a bit of wobble, before winning easily in the gloom and retiring to the Six bells.


*Like their batting and the pitch